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CARD is a medium- to long-term research & development initiative in collaboration with industry, dedicated to responsible, cost-effective hydrocarbon development in Arctic regions.

Existing solutions

Despite the many challenges posed by pervasive presence of ice, industry has developed feasible solutions for production from fields in marginal sea ice and iceberg zones such as the Grand Banks, as well as capabilities to safely conduct exploratory drilling in areas such as the Beaufort Sea.

The Hibernia development, for example, relied upon a heavily toothed and steel-reinforced concrete gravity base structure to resist and dissipate the force of a posited iceberg impact.

The Terra Nova and WhiteRose developments relied upon ice-strengthened double-hulled FPSOs (to resist ice impact) with turrets that can be safely disconnected within hours from the wellhead umbilicals (to allow for rapid departure off station). Wellheads and production manifolds are set into excavated areas of seabed to avoid contact with ice keels.