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CARD is a medium- to long-term research & development initiative in collaboration with industry, dedicated to responsible, cost-effective hydrocarbon development in Arctic regions.

Sharing Research

In order to serve our mandate to share research and to develop the next generation of Arctic experts, CARD researchers regularly serve on technical committees for and present findings at conferences worldwide.

Listed below is a representative sampling of our contributions to recent and upcoming technical conferences. CARD authors are identified by bold italics.

Arctic Technology Conference (ATC) 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark
23-25 March 2015

Turnbull, I.D., Taylor, R., Slaney, A. & Roche, L.C. (2015). Field Data for Sea Ice and Iceberg Drift Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. (OTC-25575-MS).

CARD Chair in Ice Mechanics Dr. Rocky Taylor also chaired the session Theme 3: Ice Load Prediction I.

ASME 2015 34th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2015)

St. John's, NL, Canada

31 May - 5 June 2015

Lui Lei. , Bailey, E., Sarracino, R., Taylor, R,. Power, C. & Stanbridge, C. (2015). Numerical Simulation of Ice Ridge Gouging (OMAE2015-41886).

Ghobadi, M., Bailey, E. & Taylor, R. (2015). Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ice Growth on submerged Ice Rubble Blocks (OMAE2015-41894).

Habib, K. (2015). Analysis of Iceberg Frequency in Labrador Sea using Aerial Reconnaissance Flight Surveys and Satellite Radar Data (OMAE2015-42104).

Habib, K. (2015). Experimental Study of Dynamics during Crushing of Freshwater Truncated Conical Ice Specimens (OMAE2015-41904).

Ralph, F. (2015). Probablistic Design Load Method for the Northern Shipping Route (OMAE2015-41841).

Ralph, F. (2015). Structural Response of Ice-Going Ships Using a Probablistic Design Load Method (OMAE2015-41962).

Turnbull, I.D., Taylor, R.S., Sarracino, R., Slaney, A. & Roche, L.C. (2015). Analysis of Iceberg, Pack Ice, and Ocean Current Dynamics Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador from Satellite-Tracked Buoys during the 2014 Ice Season (OMAE2015-41063).

CARD Chair in Ice Mechanics Dr. Rocky Taylor and CARD Executive Director Freeman Ralph co-chaired the Ian Jordaan Honoring Symposium on Ice Engineering.

23rd International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions

(POAC) 2015

Trondheim, Norway

14-18 June 2015

Manuel, M., Colbourne, B. & Daley, C. (2015). Ship Structure Subjected to Extreme Ice Loading: Full Scale Laboratory Experiments Used to Validate Numerical Analysis. (OMAE2015-41841).

Marchenko, A.V., Gorbatsky, V.V., & Turnbull, I.D. (2015). Characteristics of Under-Ice Ocean Currents Measured During Wave Propagation Events in the Barents Sea.

 Morgan, D., Sarracino, R., McKenna, R. & Thijssen, J.W. (2015). Simulations of Ice Rubbling against Conical Structures using 3D DEM (POAC15-74).

Turnbull, I.D., Fournier, N. & Stolwijk, M. (2015). Prediction of Localized Ocean Currents from an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for Use in Operational Iceberg Forecasting Offshore Northwest Greenland (POAC15-9).


25th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE 2015)
Kona, USA
21-25 July 2015

Habib, K. Pressure–Area Scale Effect for Unconfined and Confined Ice Specimen during Indentation.