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CARD is a medium- to long-term research & development initiative in collaboration with industry, dedicated to responsible, cost-effective hydrocarbon development in Arctic regions.

Yujian Huang, B. Eng., B. Tech.

Research Engineer, Ice Management & Station-Keeping

Yujian Huang joined CARD in September 2014 as an Ice Research Engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Ocean and Naval Architect Engineering from Memorial University in 2014. Yujian also completed a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Engineering and Applied Science Technology from Marine Institute, Memorial University.

Yujian’s current research focuses on the development of Added Mass Modeling and Ice Management Modeling on level ice. He has recently developed a new added mass model for vessels during ship rams, which increases the accuracy of impact forces estimation during rams. Yujian has also developed an icebreaking model along with an ice management modeling tool to predict ice management performance for different icebreakers on level ice. The model is a planning tool for ice management operations, based on probability (hindcast) analysis and risk analysis, with the help of sensitivity analysis.

Yujian will also introduce additional considerations on ship maneuverability and various ice features to fulfill the ice management model in the near future. In addition, Yujian is looking at materials and structure analysis for icebreaker design for ice management and preparing the combination of Ice Management Model and Station-Keeping Model.